Iris- The Apple of our Eye

This world is full of amazing people and extremely amazing animals.  I would best describe her how everyone else seems to describe her when we are out and about-"WOW!!"  She is always alert and aware of our every movement.  I can leave her at the front of a store and she will not budge until asked to move.    I can call for her at the back of a store and she will be at my side in a moment without me ever having to worry about her being distracted.  She never needs a leash, she walks at our side and lifts her nose to touch our hand about every 15 feet to check in with us.  She is so tolerant of others and calm, that we use her to assist in calming and training other dogs.  That covers her obedience, but there is nothing I can write about her that would ever do her proper justice.  She is an angel on earth to us