Keeva "The Tenderhearted"

Keeva is our youngest female Irish setter and will not have a litter until her health clearances

are completed and she becomes of age in late 2018.  She is the gentlest of dogs.  Very happy, calm and meek, she loves to please and is very well mannered whether at home or out in the town.  It is beautiful to

watch her run, her strides reminds me of a deer.  She is also an Irish setter with her head on her shoulders

and not way out in left field.  Her best friend is Cali, our youngest Golden retriever, and they are never far apart.  Not only does she have the graceful run of a deer, but the delicate gentleness of a deer as well.  Who needs yoga to relieve stress?  Her peaceful and relaxing nature brings about a nice calm outside of a busy and at times hectic world