Kennedy Our Angel

Broken hearted, and develastingly, we lost Kennedy shortly after a delivery at the vets office.  As much as there was issue that day with what all occurred, this page is about her, and not about the rest of the situation.  As Lauren, a puppy family member told us so perfectly at the time,  " Think like a golden".  Kennedy was a golden like no other.  She had the ultimate heart of gold and was perfect in every way.  Never chewed, never was talkative, never an accident and always listened like she lived to please you.  "think like a golden"... If I try to think like the golden she was, I would be such a better person.  She loved with no judgement, no grudges.  She was happy, whether she had our full attention or was just sitting at our side.  She gave us her heart no matter where our heart or mind was at the time.  She was always there for us.  She loved us when we were happy, bothered or mad and was there.   What a beautiful soul she was.  

Kennedy, I still find myself very heavy hearted with every thought of you.  You brought us a world of sunshine, smiles and happiness.  You were and always will be a very special girl and always have a home in my heart.